The Best Restaurants in New Orleans, Where I have not Eaten

Updated: Jun 27

Word Association….Restaurants in New Orleans. My mind goes to Commander’s Palace and Drago’s. My favorite restaurant prepared dish is Chargrilled Oysters from Drago’s. My favorite restaurant in the world is Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Recently a friend asked for some restaurant recommendations for New Orleans. Shame on me. I spent several hours culling through internet sites to develop a list of potential restaurants where I have never eaten, but I want to go. I ended up with 60 restaurants I wanted to try. I decided to share the top ones with you. Please leave me comments on your favorites and other recommendations on where to go. I am headed to New Orleans for a month in April and May. I plan on putting a serious dent in my list.

As I said above, Commander’s Palace is my favorite restraint in the world. I first went there in 1979 when Paul Prudhomme was executive chef. We went for dinner before a dance when i was in college. While I do not remember the name of my date, I have never forgotten Commander’s Palace. We have celebrated graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even a baby shower there. We have lots of pictures of family members in the birthday chef 's hat. Mother’s Day Brunch at Commander's Palace has been our tradition since 1989, when our daughter was three and Emeril Lagasse was executive chef. We had over 20 Mother’s Days consecutively, until Katrina struck. After the storm, the restaurant came back stronger and more beautiful than ever. We already have our reservation for Mother’s Day 2020. One of my best memories of Commander’s Palace is celebrating a job promotion at the Chef’s table, in the kitchen. This was when Jamie Shannon was executive chef. What fun it was to watch the action in the kitchen, while enjoying all that delicious food. I always recommend a splurge dinner at Commander’s Palace for any visitor to New Orleans.

Listed below are the top 10 restaurants I want to try for lunch or dinner in New Orleans. I noted the type of food, location and website so you could check out their menu. The ones with an asterisk only serve dinner.

Barrow Catfish

Cajun Carrollton

Carrollton Market

Modern Southern Uptown*

Compere Lapin

Caribbean Whse District


Spanish Uptown


Modern Southern Garden District*


Modern French French Quarter


Eclectic Asian Mid City


Eclectic Whse District

Paladar 511

Italian Marigny*


Modern Southern Mid City*

My very most favorite place to get breakfast/brunch in New Orleans is The Ruby Slipper. There is nothing better than a Bloody Mary and eggs covered in hollandaise sauce for the morning after an evening in the French Quarter. I get the Peacemaker which allows me to choose two of their creative Benedicts. Another favorite is the Costa Rican. It is their version of Huevos Rancheros and one of the best I have ever eaten. Based on my research, I have been missing out on some incredible brunch places.

Listed below are the top 10 restaurants I want to try for Brunch/Breakfast in New Orleans. I noted their location and website so you could check out their menu. Full disclosure, I have eaten at Saba for dinner and loved it. The brunch menu looks so interesting, I put it on my list.

Atchafalaya Uptown

Bywater American Grill Bywater

Cavan Garden District

Hippie Kitchen Jefferson

Jack Rose Garden District

Lil Dizzy’s Cafe Treme

Molly’s Rise & Shine Garden District

Saba Uptown

Satsuma Cafe 3 locations

Willie Mae Treme

I love oysters, raw, fried, grilled. I love oysters. My most favorite oyster dish is Chargrilled Oysters from Drago’s in New Orleans. A dozen of those oysters and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and I am in heaven. I am also a huge fan of sparkling wine from any country. When I found Effervesce, a delightful Champagne Bar on Rampart St., I stopped looking for new places to sip. Once again, shame on me.

Listed below are the top 10 establishments I want to try for Drinks and Bites in New Orleans. I noted their website so you could check out their menu. A cautionary note, my tastes run towards craft cocktails. I am not a beer drinker. All of these places have extensive craft cocktail menus.

Above The Grid - NOPSI Hotel Rooftop

Alto - Ace Hotel Rooftop

Bacchanal Wine & Spirits Patio

Bar Marilou Warehouse District

Belle Epoque French Quarter

Cure Uptown

Empire Bar-Broussards Restaurant French Quarter

Hot Tin - Ponchatrain Hotel Rooftop

Jewel of the South French Quarter

St. Germain Bywater

So, that is the list of the top 30 best places in New Orleans where I have not eaten ... yet. If you have been to one, please leave a comment so the rest of us can gain from your knowledge. It you have a favorite that is not on my list, please leave it in the comments. Most of all, have fun sipping and tasting your way through my favorite city in the United States.

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