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Discover Louisiana's Sportman Paradise with Bowfishing Unlimited, During Your Visit to New Orleans

Updated: Mar 20

Are you looking for a uniquely south Louisiana outdoors experience? Bowfishing Unlimited offers charter hunting and fishing trips or simply the opportunity to enjoy the coastal marshes near the mouth of the Mississippi River in South Louisiana. Just 45 miles outside of New Orleans, these wetlands were created by the build up of sediment from the river, over centuries. This shallow water habitat is home to multiple species of fish and wildlife, who have been feeding locals since this land was first inhabited by Native Americans.

Jeremy Roussel is the owners of Bowfishing Unlimited. Jeremy has been leading fishing and hunting charters since 1999, when he bought is first airboat. Bowfishing Unlimited offers rod and reel fishing, bowfishing, alligator hunts and wild hog hunts depending upon the season. Their experienced guides know the waterways and wildlife habitats, increasing your likelihood for success. Bowfishing Unlimited offers overnight stays in renovated cabins of all sizes. Each cabin has sweeping views of the wetlands which are especially beautiful at sunset. Bring your own food or let them cook for your group at the Dock Stop. Bowfishing Unlimited gives you a true Louisiana experience, where you can see first hand why Louisiana is a Sportsman's Paradise. At the end of this article, there is a resource guide to booking your trip to New Orleans.

What is Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is not traditional fishing. It is not bowhunting either. Bowfishing is a hybrid of fishing and bowhunting. You spot a fish lurking in the shallow water, slowly move in closer, draw back your specially equipped bow, take aim and let it fly. If your aim is on target and your arrow hits the mark, you reel your fish in by a line attached to your arrow. You can catch Black Drum, Alligator Gar, Grouper, Sheepshead and the coveted Redfish, with a fishing bow. Louisiana is the only state that allows you to bowfish for Redfish.

Book your charter fishing trip, guided hunt and overnight stay here with Bowfishing Unlimited.

Don’t forget to pack: Bowfishing Bow***Insect Repellent***Sun Shirt ***Sun Hat


Other Activities Bowfishing Unlimited Offers

During the summer months you can catch Speckled Trout, Flounder, Redfish, Bass and Drum using Rods and Reels with Bowfishing Unlimited. They also offer off shore rod and reel trips. In September and October during Alligator Season, they offer hunts with rifles and bows. In late fall you can book a wild hog hunt. Their pricing starts at about $600 per person including an overnight stay and meals. The price fluctuates depending on the number of people in your group. Contact them at (504) 269-3474 for specific pricing.

What are Wetlands?

New Orleans was described by one of her original settlers as "Nothing more than two narrow strips of land about a musket shot in width" surrounded by "canebrake" and "impenetrable marsh." The lands surrounding New Orleans are water-saturated wetlands, which locals frequently refer to as the 'Bayou'. Wetlands are low lying lands with spongy soil that are wet for most of the year. The types of plants that grow from wetland soil depend on water saturation to grow and survive.

There are two types of wetlands in Louisiana, marshes and swamps. Marshes are a wetland with no trees. The plants that grow in marshes are grasses, reeds, sedges, and some shrubs. Swamps are wetlands with woody plants such as cypress and tupelo trees. Wetlands can be either saltwater or freshwater. The brackish marshes around New Orleans are extremely important as nurseries for fish and shellfish. You can also find alligators, wild boar, muskrats and shorebirds.

Stay on the Water

Bowfishing Unlimited offers overnight stays in two recently renovated cabins on stilts, or as we call them in south Louisiana, "camps." Not only is Jeremy a skilled boat captain and guide, he is a talented carpenter. All of these camps have been beautifully renovated by him and decorated by his wife Ginna.

They included a full stocked kitchen, queen size beds as well as bunk rooms and at least two bathrooms in each camp. Each camp has wide decks that beckons you to sit a spell and enjoy the view. Bbq pits, corn hole games and access to an ice machine are available at each camp. If you prefer not to cook, meals are available at their restaurant, the Dock Stop. Below are the Airbnb links to their camps. Which are available to rent whether you hunt or fish or just want to enjoy some time on the water.

The History of the Mississippi River Delta

The Mississippi River, the largest river system in North America, has shaped the bountiful and diverse ecosystems, cultures and economies of south Louisiana. Coastal New Orleans has risen out of this delta from a backwater outpost in the 1700’s to one of the largest, most diverse cities in the country by the mid 1800’s.

New Orleans, one of the oldest cities in the United States, is built on some of the youngest land. The land was created by sediment deposited by the Mississippi River only 5,000 years ago. It is a one-of-a-kind working river delta, where human ingenuity has taken the natural resources of the region and built economic assets. Not only is it vibrant in its arts, culture and natural environment, but coastal New Orleans is also an international hub of maritime commerce, energy, seafood production, tourism and technology.

If you are looking for an authentic Louisiana experience, let Jeremy, Ginna and their charter captains show you what hunting and fishing in the south Louisiana wetlands is all about.

Book your charter fishing trip, guided hunt and overnight stay with Bowfishing Unlimited.

Don’t forget to pack: Bowfishing Bow***Insect Repellent***Sun Shirt ***Sun Hat

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