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Hike to the Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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On the far eastern side of Jost Van Dyke in the BVI, is a geological delight called the Bubbly Pool. This natural Jacuzzi is formed as waves roll through a crevasse in the boulders that line the Northeastern coast of Jost. The waves fill a small pool with effervescent sea water.

This beautiful spot is 3.8 km from Great Harbour and 1.3 km from Little Harbour. If you are walking from Great Harbour, there is a steep incline to each Little Harbour and another steep incline to reach Long Bay. The easiest way to reach the Bubbly Pool is to pick up a mooring ball at Diamond Key and Dingy into Foxy's Taboo or grab a taxi from Great Harbour or Little Harbour. Either way, you will want to bring water, sunscreen and water shoes.

Pictured below are my favorite water shoes and reef safe sunscreen. I like these shoes because they work for easy hiking as well.

Take the road behind Foxy's Taboo until it ends at Cape Wright Salt Pond.

Stay right and follow the coast until you reach the incline.

You will see a large white caution sign.

Walk up to the sign and go left.

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Don’t forget to pack: water shoes*** underwater camera*** HD mask ***reef safe sunscreen.

If you are looking at the sign from across the Salt Pond,

you are on the wrong side.

Back Track and return to the coastal shore.

This lovely view is from the goat paths on the wrong side of the Salt Pond.

These paths dead-end before you reach the Bubbly Pool.

The goats are very timid and will not bother you.

On our recent visit to the Bubbly Pool, we were there at low tide.

High tides and north swell create a completely different experience.




This picture was taken at high tide on a visit before before Irma.

The pool is about 4 feet deep. Caution because the rip tide can be substantial.

At the caution sign, left takes you to the Bubbly Pool, right takes you to the rocky cliffs and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. There are many beautiful vistas when exploring those trails.

From your mooring at Diamond Key, it is easy to explore another natural delight, Sandy Cay. Have you been to the Bubbly Pool, share your experience in the comments below. Are you interested in sailing in the BVI, check out my post, 7 Day Cruising Itinerary in the BVI. If you are interested in land accommodations on Jost Van Dyke, check out

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