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Adventure on Wheels: A Journey through Virgin Gorda's Gems

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
The View From the Top of The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Have you ever dreamed of cruising along the sun-kissed roads of an island paradise, with the freedom to discover every hidden cove and scenic vista at your own pace?

On our recent bareboating experience, the British Virgin Islands, we took a rental car road trip on Virgin Gorda. It was a journey that weaved through the mystique of Copper Mine National Park, the natural wonder of The Baths, and the savory heights of Hog Heaven, ending with finesse at Coco Maya Restaurant.

Embarking on the Adventure

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
The View from Hog Heaven, Gorda Peak, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Our story begins with the simple act of picking up our trusty rental car, at Leverick Bay Resort and Marina in North Sound. Rental cars can be reserved at the front desk of the resort. Virgin Gorda is a modest 8.5 miles in length, but it's brimming with sights that demand the leisure and spontaneity only a four-wheeled companion can offer. The vehicle? A comfortable, 4 door, beacon of freedom ready to serve us on the winding roads and hilly terrains that beckon us. This is an adventure I have wanted to take for years, but the call of the sea life and sunshine was always louder. This visit, the high seas and strong winds of the day, drew us to land based activities.

The Culinary Highs at Hog Heaven

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
Blondie Wheatly, Owner of Hog Heaven, Virgin Gorda, BVI

With the keys in hand and the island winds teasing our spirits, our first pitstop was nearly a rite of passage, Hog Heaven Restaurant. Perched atop a ridge, above Leverick Bay, North Sound, the views from Hog Heaven offers a feast for the eyes. Their barbecue provides a symphony for the taste buds. As we indulged in smoky, tender ribs and pulled pork, the panorama of the azure Caribbean Sea and the verdant Virgin Gorda unfolded beneath us. The view is a sweeping testament to the island's lush beauty. It is hard to decide which was more spectacular, the food or the view. It is well worth a taxi trip to the top of Gorda Peak, if you are exploring the island by sea. It is open 10:00am to 10:00pm daily.

The owner Mr. Blondie Wheatley graciously agreed to a photo and a history lesson on the settlement of the British Virgin Islands. The original Mr. Wheatley was a sailor of Irish decent. He was aboard a British Ship that sank on Horseshoe Reef just off Anegada. Lured by the sparkling azure waters and temperate climate, he made his home in the British Virgin Islands. His descendants are one of the founding families of these islands. Mr. Blondie Wheatley's exceptional food and views are reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his descendants.

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Logistics: There is one international airport in the British Virgin Islands. You can also fly into St. Thomas USVI and take a ferry to Road Town, Tortola. : Taxis are available throughout the islands. Private Transfers are available from both airports: Private Arrival Transfer from EIS Airport to Tortola, Private Ground Transfers, St. Thomas, Ferry Schedules are available at, Water Taxi transfers are available through Dolphin Water Taxi 

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Don’t forget to pack: water shoes*** underwater camera*** HD mask ***reef safe sunscreen.

A Glimpse into the Past: Copper Mine National Park

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
Copper Mine National Park, Virgin Gorda BVI

From Gorda Peak we descended to the southeast tip of Virgin Gorda arriving at Copper Mine National Park. Here the ruins of a 19th-century copper mine stand sentinel against the elements. The stark contrast between the old stone structures and the relentless vitality of the ocean is a photographer's and historian's joy. With pieces of Virgin Gorda's industrious past etched into every stone, the park whispered stories that melded with the salty breeze.

The Virgin Gorda Copper Mine was built in 1837 by Cornish miners. The mine operated from 1835 to 1862, shipping copper ore to England for smelting. The mine was operated by around 200 people, including 36 Cornish miners and 140 British Virgin Islands workmen. The mine closed in 1862 due to low market prices and escalating expenses. The remains stand a reminder of Virgin Gorda's past.

The Wonder of The Baths

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
Devil's Bay, The Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The highlight of Virgin Gorda, and rightly so, is The Baths National Park. The allure of its turquoise waters cradled by grand boulders is a siren call to every soul lucky enough to grace its shores. Our car took us to the fringe of a magical realm where we spent a couple of hours swimming, snorkeling, and exploring secret rock pools. Each cavern seemed to guard the entrance to another world, an aquatic wonderland waiting to be explored.

The Baths are a collection of giant granite boulders that have formed pools and grottos over millions of years. The boulders are thought to be remnants of prehistoric volcanic activity, when molten rock seeped up into existing volcanic rock layers during the Tertiary period. The hot rock cooled underwater, forming a hard crystalline granite layer that eventually cracked and shrank into enormous blocks. The softer volcanic rock above eroded away, exposing the blocks, which were then rounded by weathering. The sea waves have also continued to shape these unique formations over time. 

The Baths are the most visited site in the British Virgin Islands. Day Trippers from the United States Virgin Islands and cruise ships flock to the Baths in the morning hours. We timed our arrival for the afternoon hours to enjoy this intriguing and starkly beautiful site with less crowds. The admission cost is $3.00 paid in the parking lot at the top of the Bath's. There are trails that go directly to Devil's Bay or Spring Bay. There is a trail through the rock formations that connect the two bays. Spring Bay has restrooms, a gift shop and snack bar. Devils Bay has nice snorkeling along the rock formations.

Refreshment with a View at The Top of the Baths

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
The Top Of the Baths Restaurant, Virgin Gorda, BVI

In need of cooling refreshment from our time among The Baths, and the trek back to the parking lot, the Top of the Baths restaurant was our oasis. Not only does this eatery provide a variety of dishes, fresh seafood, vibrant salads, and cold libations, it also offers a vantage point like no other and a swimming pool. As we relaxed, we were entranced by the sight of the Baths below. It is breathtaking backdrop for the cooling effects of a icy drink and a dip in their pool.

Sunset Serenity at Coco Maya Restaurant

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
Sunset Cocktails at Coco Maya Restaurant, Virgin Gorda BVI

As the day waned and the fiery Caribbean sunset began to paint the sky, our was a final stop was Coco Maya Restaurant. This beachfront haven of fine dining melding Asian influences with Caribbean zest, resulting in a fusion that tantalized your palates.  Coco Maya provided us an experience that was as relaxing as it is enchanting. It’s that amazing blend of luxury and laid-back island vibe that makes you want to stay forever. With our feet in the sand, surrounded by elegant torchlight, we toasted to the day's journey. As the stars took their posts above us, the rhythmic sound of waves served as a gentle reminder of Virgin Gorda's timeless charm.

The Roadtrip Reflection

British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Roadtrip, Bareboating.
View from Coppermine National Park, BVI

Behind the wheel of our rental car, every mile offered a new perspective, every turn revealed a fresh joy, and pleasures of experiencing the island from a perceptive was not just an idea, it was experienced with every vista. Virgin Gorda's allure is not just in her static beauty, but in her ability to be explored, to be known intimately, mile by joyful mile.

If this tale of island exploration stirs the wanderlust within you, remember that the roads of Virgin Gorda await. They promise the rush of discovery, the thrill of adventure, and the bliss of island cuisine. Embark on this rental car odyssey, and let your own roadtrip story unfold on the enchanting shores of Virgin Gorda.

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