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Bareboating Croatia - Solta

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Old Town Maslinica

Europe beckoned us. Captain K and I had not been to Europe, together since 2010.  We decided to use our reciprocal benefits through the Moorings, to see Croatia, like the Greeks who first settled it, from a boat. Cruising the smaller islands of Croatia from a small yacht or sailboat, has all the history and culture of a European Vacation with all the autonomy and connection to nature of bareboating. The delight comes in seeing these islands up close and at a slower pace. For more information on visiting Croatia, Check out these blog posts:

Our last overnight stay was Maslinica, on the island of Solta. Solta has been a holiday resort island since Roman times. It is a beautiful place with two fishing ports on either end and small medieval villages inland. Exploring the Island is easy,  by bike, scooter or foot.  The quiet town of Maslinica has a beautiful beach with plenty of flat rocks for sunning and clear waters for swimming. After strolling around town and enjoying a quayside lunch at Volat, we took a swim and sipped glass of wine along the shore.

Beach In Maslinica

Maslinica Castle, Martinis Marchi Hotel

The town is built around an 18th century Castle that is now a luxury hotel, Martinis Marchi, and marina. While we were there, the marina was bustling with sailing crews clad in their team colors for a multi-day regatta. We passed the afternoon watching all the waterfront activity and last minute preparations surrounding the next leg of the race.

Road to Sesula

The next morning we walked over to the adjacent cove, Sesula. Serene, secluded, and equipped with mooring balls, the bay with pine scented breezes and still water vistas that made the walk a peaceful retreat from the swirl of anxious sailors in the main harbor. 

Old Town Trojir

On our last full day in Croatia we stopped at the Blue Lagoon, a shallow area between the islands Drvenik and Krknjasi. The crystal clear water reflects the sky and creates a blue lagoon, perfect for swimming.  We headed to Trogir for a stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage site walled city, filled with restaurants and shops. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the Promenade (called the Riva) and watched the boats and people go by. 

When chartering in Croatia,  some companies required  the last night of the charter to be spent in the marina - so we took on fuel and headed back into the base at Marina Agana, bidding farewell to

our new friend Captain Tomas.

Konoba Marina

Our final dinner was close to the Moorings base at Konoba Marina, where we feasted on grilled fish and pork, prepared on a open grill with a final bottle of Plavac Mali.

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