13 Photos of Croatia to Inspire Your Next Sailing Trip

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Exploring the Dalmatian coast of Croatia by boat offers a unique mix of history, culinary experiences, culture and adventure. The cobalt blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are calm and warm in the summer months. A delightful breeze not only powers your boat but cools you as you explore treasures on land. There is a mix of party time and secluded anchorages to keep all your crew members happy. The Croatian people are welcoming and friendly. The wine and food, especially seafood, is of the Mediterranean's best. Scroll through photos for thirteen visual reasons to sail Croatia when travel is opened up, again. For more details on Komiza, Vis, pictured above, head to my blog post Bareboating Croatia-Vis 2018.

History and hiking enthusiasts will love the trek to Fortica Spanjola high above the main harbor of Hvar Town. Built in the early 16th century, when Hvar was ruled by the Venetians, the fortress protected Hvar from invaders and pirates. For more details on Hvar head to my blog post Bareboating Croatia-Hvar 2018.

The daily specials presented on a tray for diners to select. These beauties were served gilled with local olive oil and lemon in the shaded gardens at Villa Kaliope, in Kut, Vis.

Steiniva Beach, Vis. Accessible only by boat, this pebbly beach was voted best beach in Europe 2016. Arrive early because it gets crowded.

Hiking and biking fans will find lots of opportunities to venture off the boat. Pictured above is the Monastery on Mt. Hum. It is an easy hike through vineyards and olive groves from the waterfront in Komiza, Vis.

Coastal Croatia, with its heavy Italian influence, has some appealing and drinkable wine. My personal favorite is Plavac Mali, an earthy, garnet colored red. Pictured above is the Lipanovic Winery tasting room. It is housed in underground tunnels built by the Yugoslavian military and were used from 1945 to 1993.

Quayside in Vis Town. When "med moored" quayside boaters have access to the clean shower and toilet facilities in Croatia. The best benefit to mooring quayside is the ability to hop off your boat in the morning sip a cappuccino and enjoy the people watching.

Croatia is a feast for the eyes with its terra-cotta tiled roofs and stone buildings decorated with flowers. This courtyard is in Stari Grad, Hvar. One of Europes oldest cities, founded in 300 BC by the Greeks. For more details on Stari Grad head to my blog post Bareboating Croatia-Hvar 2018.

Fortica Spanjola from Hvar Town harbor.

The lighthouse in Stoncia Cove, Vis.

The Kamerlengo Fortess built by the Genonans in the 14th Century on the waterfront of Trogir. For more details on Trogir head to my blog post Bareboating Croatia-Solta 2018.

One of the pleasures of a Croatia sailing holiday is enjoying a delicious meal in a quayside cafe. For more details on Maslinica, Solta pictured above head to my blog post Bareboating Croatia-Solta 2018.

The Stari Grad Harbor.

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