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The Modern Grandma Mother's Day Gift Guide, 2022.

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The Modern Grandma’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide is a list full of fun, interactive and homey items that will delight the Modern Grandma, Empty Nest Mom, Active Senior and any other Mother’s this Mother’s Day.

Who is the Modern Grandmother?

We were the first generation where the majority of us raised a family and worked outside the house. Now, our children are blessing us with grandchildren or simply blessing us with an empty nest. We are enjoying the gift of time in retirement, or at least planning for it. What are the best gifts for this vibrant, active generation of women or any other Mother??

Gifts to Spoil any Modern Grandmother, Active Senior or Empty Nest Mom.

Gifts for the Active Grandmother

We believe firmly in the phase, "if you don't use it, you will lose it" both physically and mentally. We are staying physically active and exploring new hobbies. We are playing golf or pickle ball, taking yoga classes and joining hiking groups. These are some of my favorite gifts for active Grandmothers, Empty Nesters and Seniors.

There are some options for Budget Friendly Active Gifts for the Modern Grandmother, Active Senior or Empty Nester.

Gifts the Modern Grandmother will Enjoy at Home

We are spending more time at home (even before Covid). We want our environment to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and our food and drink, high quality. These gifts will brighten anyone’s home.




Self Care Gifts for Modern Grandmother

We have learned to appreciate the need and joy of self care. Above are some products, the Modern Granmother will love.

Travel Gifts for the Modern Grandmother

For many of us, the world seems very small and we want to explore it. We want to look stylish and be comfortable while we are traveling. The products featured here will delight the traveling, Modern Grandma, Empty Nest Mom and Active Senior.

Travel Experiences for the Modern Grandmother

We are curious about the world, whether it is in our hometown or further afield. We are ready to explore our local areas deeper and planning to see more of the World in 2022. From cooking classes to boat tours. Above some of my favorites are listed. Select any tour and search for your city.. Click here to view theses options.

Books the for the Modern Grandmother

We invented the Book Club. We love learning and socializing with our family and friends. Yes, there may be wine involved, but we do talk about the books. These are books I absolutely love or I have in my Kindle queue.

If your Mom loves Historical Fiction, the above three can be purchased in a three book set, which makes a nice gift.

Need more gift ideas, head over to my Amazon Store.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and enjoy the greatest gift of all....time with those that you love.

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