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The Modern Grandma Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Who is the Modern Grandmother? We were the first generation, where the majority of us raised a family and worked outside the house. Now, as our children are blessing us with grandchildren or simply an empty nest. We are enjoying the gift of time in retirement, or at least planning for it. What are the best gifts for this vibrant, active generation of women? Many of us want to see and experience the world. While 2020 may have clipped our wings, we have been exploring our local areas deeper and we have high hopes for 2021. We believe firmly in the phase, "if you don't use it, you will lose it" both physically and mentally. We are staying physically active and exploring new hobbies. We invented the Book Club. We love learning and socializing with our family and friends. We are spending more time at home (even before Covid-19). We want our environment to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The Modern Grandma Gift Guide: a list full of fun, interactive and homey items that will delight the Modern Grandma this holiday season and all year long.


It is never too early to start planning. Hopefully 2021 finds us traveling again. Whether we are traveling afar or being a tourist in our own hometown, we love to learn from locals in the know. Here are four ideas for safe, socially distanced activities that a modern Grandmother would enjoy. If your city is not listed, click on any link and put your city in Viator's search bar to see options for you locally.

New York

Catacombs by Candlelight

West Palm Beach

Jupiter Clear Kayak Tour

New Orleans

Three Hour Hands-on Cooking Class

St. Louis

Katy Trail Biking Tour

Her Active Lifestyle

Winter sports fans of all ages love the whimsical Krimsom Klover 1/4 zip modeled in the picture by me and my skiing girlfriends. For some snow inspiration check out my post, 23 Colorado Photos to Inspire You to Plan a Trip.

Long walks outdoors have been our mental and physical savior in 2020. This is my go-to hiking ensemble: Merrill hiking shoes, Bomba socks ( they are so worth the money), IBKul long sleeve shirt, packable wide brim hat and Columbia hiking shorts, colorful day pack (it folds up for easy packing). To find places to put this equipment to use check out my post, Hiking in Chattanooga.

I am obsessed with the IBKul brand. They provide sun protection clothing in styles that are appropriate for golf, tennis, hiking, boating and beach. They inserted mesh to the undeside of their sleeves making them cool to even in the hottest temperatures. They come in great colors and styles. Above is my favorite golf outfit. I wear the shirt and skirt for tennis as well: wide brim visor, IBKul shirt, IBKul skirt and Bomba socks.

At Home Luxury

We all are enjoying more cocktail hours at home. Charcuterie Boards are a fun way upgrade your cheese and crackers. At our house we call that "Chip Time". I love this one because it has a place for everything and it is all stored together. Charcuterie Board. Sometimes it's fun to watch a movie or a football game and have snacks for dinner.

Another fun way to elevate your cocktail game is to add some fun glasses to your crystal collection. I am loving the Coupe Glass right now. The cocktail picks in the above photo are know longer available, however, I added some silver Fleur de Lis ones to my cart. It's always fun to try a new cocktail. Captk has been whipping up some of the classics from the Savoy Cocktail Book. The recipe for White Christmas, the cocktail pictured above, is featured in my post Quarantine Cocktails. Drink them sparingly, they pack quite a punch.

Foodie Grandmother's love cookbooks. We read them like novels. These two, released earlier this year, give you the impact food makes on our culture and how food is woven into our histories. I had the opportunity to eat at Melissa Martin's restaurant this fall and I was blown away by the food. The Mosquito Supper Club tells you the stories of the women who cook from the bounty in the south Louisiana waterways. The cookbook is rich in details and the photographs are spectacular. Marcus Samuelsson, from New York's Red Rooster, features black chefs from across the country and their favorite recipes in The Rise. This cookbook is a walk through history and a delicious illustration of the impact and diversity of black chefs in the United States. The Rise or the Mosquito Supper Club will be a delight to read and to experiment with for any Foodie.

Self care is such an important part of aging well. Whether it is snuggling up in a cozy blanket and reading a good book or taking a long shower or bath, before we can take care of others we have to take care of ourselves. Pictured are some of my favorite self care products:

Looking for more gift ideas, check out my Amazon Store.

From my family to your family, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a very happy 2021.

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Gayle Krueger
Gayle Krueger
Nov 27, 2020

Hey! I recognize those fun looking Grandmas!

Super Gift Guide! I saved it as I will use this a go to for the entire year!

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