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Pirate Fun in Nassau

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

With its white sand, turquoise water, fabulous resorts, great shopping, friendly people, Nassau offers so much. Whether you are spending the day off a cruise ship, on a layover while island hopping, or taking a break from the sun and sea, spending some time exploring the “Pirate Culture” of Nassau adds the right amount of history and fun to your visit.

Start at the Pirate Museum on the corner of King and George Streets in downtown Nassau. This interactive and informative museum gives great insight into the historical backdrop and daily life of pirates, including Blackbeard (Edward Teach), Henry Morgan, and Calico Jack (John Rackham). These pirates inhabited Nassau and the surrounding islands during the golden age of piracy, the late 1600’s and early 1700’s.

The museum tour starts with a walk through a life size replica of the pirate ship Revenge. This replica is a realistic representation of the shipboard life of a pirates, complete with livestock and supplies to last days on the water.

Wax figures of even the females pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Reed are placed throughout the exhibits to reinforce the historical moments and legends that have followed these famous men and women through the centuries.

True to life features of the pirate world such as the Pirates code give you a glimpse of what pirate life would be like - including the penalties for transgressions aboard ship (note - you will not find a “walk the plank” penalty, as it never existed in the true pirate world)

The museum does a quality job of displaying the wrath that the British empire set upon the pirates, including the common methods of torture and displays of pirates who met their demise at the hands of the British. Tarred and enclosed in gibbets (cages with the dead pirates tarred remains) for all to see and heed.

Weapons on display show the rudimentary tools of the trade made famous by the seagoing bandits of the Caribbean.

The gift shop is small but has ample goods to stock your pirate booty for the trip home.

Just a few yards toward the waterfront you will find the Pirate Republic Brewing Company, in a beautifully preserved and restored building on Woodes Rogers Walk. Pirate Republic Brewing is the only craft brewery in the Bahamas. They offered a wide selection that is best experienced through their beer flights. They also offer an impressive array of rums, for the non-beer lovers. Across the courtyard is their gift shop, which sells fun pirate themed “booty” as well as six packs and cases of their beer.

Grab a taxi and head out to The Poop Deck at Sandy Point for a delightful beachfront lunch. This predominately seafood restaurant offers all the Bahamian favorites. Local dishes such as Conch Fritters, Conch Salad and cracked Conch are featured. Don’t miss the fresh catch of the day, and if available, try the Hogsnapper - it was the best I have ever eaten. There is a second location overlooking Yacht Haven Marina on East Bay St. While closer to downtown, the relaxed atmosphere, ocean views and serenity of the Sandy Point location makes it worth the taxi ride.

The Pirates Museum is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Admission is $13.00. Pirate Republic Brewing company is open 7 days a week. Check their Facebook page for accurate times. The Poop Deck is open daily for lunch and dinner. For some of the lowest prices on hotels in Nassau, check out

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