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Jeff Biege - Photography with Conservation in Mind

This article appeared in the January Issue of Up and Away Magazine It is reprinted here with permission. Click here to see the original version: Up and Away.

Passion and kinetic energy rolls off Jeff Biege like the waves he loves to photograph. A surfer, scuba diver and kite boarder, Jeff has channeled his love of the natural world, and specifically the ocean, into fine art photography. His experiences have propelled him to use photography for non-profit and conservation efforts, working with organizations like Jupiter Inlet Foundation, Loggerhead Marine Life Center, The Surfrider Foundation, Maui Marine Institute, Share the Stoke Foundation, and Hobe Sound Nature Center.

Jeff Biege - Early Years

Born in Kansas and growing up in the Mid-West, Jeff got his love of  nature from his father who was a Professor of Entomology. From age 10, he spent his summers with his Dad in Southern California, learning to snorkel and surf and developing a deep affinity for the ocean. While visiting a friend in south Florida, he fell in love with the warm clear waters. He has made Florida his home ever since.

Jeff’s early dream was to be s surf photographer, shooting for the print publication Surfer Magazine. The equipment was cumbersome and heavy, balanced on a surfboard, in 10-15 foot waves, while the photographer hung on to the board shooting. As film images gave way to digital images and print publication gave way to digital publications, Jeff reinvented himself. He tried his hand at portrait, wedding, commercial and landscape photography, all around the world. In 2015, he landed on fine art photography, in south Florida.

Jeff Biege - Consevation Work

Quickly realizing that images draw an audience in to hear a message, Jeff began using his photographs to tell the story of ocean conservation. His love of reptiles lead him to photographing sea turtles. Since sea turtles are the most beloved marine creatures, they make an excellent subjects for conservation topics. Multiple conservation organizations use his images to attract people to their messages.

As Jeff embraced the digital photographic world, he saw the fine art potential of the ocean. This lead him to his second favorite nautical subject, waves. Using his skills as a surf photographer, he captures stunning images of the curl or inside of a wave. This action of the waves happens so quickly he uses a 1/1000 of a second shutter speed. He applies the power of digital color processing to create an artistic expression of something that is impossible for the human eye to see.

Jeff Biege - Wildlife in their Natural Habitat

Driven by the desire to photograph wildlife in its natural habitat, Jeff goes to great lengths to be in the environment with the animals in a way that is non threatening and not invasive. Whether it is to be in a Florida fresh water spring at dawn on a 32 degree morning, photographing manatees in their natural environment or walking the beach at 2:00 in the morning to see sea turtle hatchlings making their way to the ocean, being with the animals is as important to him as photographing the animals.

Where to Find Jeff Biege

To purchase any of Jeff Biege’s work visit his website at If you are visiting south Florida in the next few months you can see his work live at the the Hobe Sound Art Festival, February 3rd and 4th, 2024 or the Stuart Art Festival, February 24th and 25th, 2024 or the Art by the Sea in Juno Beach, March 9th and 10th, 2024.

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