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Add a Dash of Star Wars Magic to your Disney Vacation

Updated: May 27, 2023

Stormtroopers on Parade, glowing eyed Jawas posing for photos, an amazing array of desserts, including chocolate Chewbacca and R2-D2 cupcakes, Inter-Galactic Libations for the adults and children, topped off with a front row stop for a truly jaw dropping multi-media fireworks display. The Inter-Galactic Dessert Party and Fireworks Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an exceptional add-on to a Disney Vacation for Star Wars Fans of all ages. I brought two excited fans, ages 6 and 8 with me to enjoy all the magic.

The fun started in the Star Wars Launch Bay, where a special area is cordoned off amid displays of memorabilia used in Star Wars Movies. A delicious buffet of desserts both warm and cold, sweet and savory were available to enjoy. The highpoint for my young fans was the Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2 cupcakes. The liquid refreshments include, soda, water, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages for the young at heart.

During the buffet, Stormtroopers march through looking for a “security breach”, delighting the future Jedi Warriors in the room. Jawas mingle whispering in their mysterious native Jawaese. Children fueled with cupcakes and excitement, some fresh from the “Jedi Training Academy,” practice their Light Sabre skills with each other. All this activity makes for a lively and entertaining atmosphere, that Star Wars fans, families, honeymooners and grandparents, could enjoy.

About 15 minutes before the Star Wars, A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks Display begins, the group was escorted out to a front row viewing area and given a souvenir Chewbacca Stein. The multi-media fireworks display is breathtaking. The smoke from the fireworks acts as a screen where clips from Star Wars movies are viewed. The Academy Award winning musical score from the movies is choreographed with the fireworks, creating a ‘wow’ with the audience. This fireworks display is truly Disney magic at its best. This Spectacle showcases how The Walt Disney Company’s purchase of Lucasfilm will continue to inspire future generations with the Star Wars story.

The Inter-Galactic Dessert Party and Fireworks Show begins an hour and fifteen minutes before the fireworks display each evening. It is $79.00 for adults and $45.00 for children, in addition to Park admission for Disney”s Hollywood Studios. Reservations can be made by calling 407- 939-5277.

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