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11 Tips for Planning the Best Girl's Trip

Updated: Jul 29

Have you ever gone on a Girl’s Trip? I have a group of friends that love to travel. We make at least one trip a year, our annual long weekend at the beach. We have been making this trip for 25 years. We have also traveled to All Inclusives in Mexico and Aruba, taken a cruise, visited Wyoming and New York City. With other groups, we have gone skiing, visited Singapore and Thailand as well as Sedona and spent a few days at a yoga retreat center. Traveling together has brought us closer together, allowed to to visit places our significant others are not interested in, and showed us the best in each other.

These are my best tips for planning a Girls Trip:

🍸Select a destination that has multiple options for activities, hiking, water sports, multiple level snow ski runs, shopping, spas, whatever your group likes.

🍸Be comfortable with people dividing into smaller groups to do things they like.

🍸Be careful not to over schedule, allow for down time and individual me time.

🍸Plan how many meals you will eat out.

🍸Have everyone share in the cooking. Having every person take a meal or everyone bring their favorite dish is fun.

🍸Make sure everyone understands the budget and how expenses will be divided before you go.

🍸Consider an All-Inclusive Resort or Cruise, where the bulk of the expenses are paid up front.

🍸Start a group text for the trip and communicate frequently.

🍸Allow for Spontaneity

🍸 Consider having everyone bring a small gift for each other.

🍸Create a photo montage, scrapbook or photo book as a momento.

🍸The most important thing is to relax, don't sweat the small stuff and connect with each other!




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These are some of my favorite places to stay on a Girls Trip:

Phoenix X, Perdido Key, Alabama

Turquoise Place, Orange Beach, Alabama

Summerchase, Orange Beach, Alabama

Phoenix West, Orange Beach, Alabama

Belle Mer Navarre Beach, Florida

Copper Mountain Elk Run, Colorado

Ayara Villas, Khao Lak, Thailand

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